Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Story So Far

9:55pm - So, with 27% of precincts reporting (and at last look, not uberfish counties like SF or LA), it looks like most things are going down, with the exception of 73 and 75. So far. That will likely change. in fact, the local NBC station has 73 down already.

So let's say everything fails. What's next? Spin baby - more spin than I've been spinning in spinning class all week. The polls have looked bad for weeks - so expectations game-wise, the governor's loss won't be as, er, lossy as it might've been otherwise.

So will Schwarzenegger play the woe-is-me card as I predicted earlier this week? Will the true will of the people have been thwarted by evil special interests? Some army of dissemblers dispatched to undermine his box-blowing mission?

When the judgment comes down, who is to blame? Schwarzenegger could score some major points by elegantly accepting that his reforms weren't the way to go, that they were presented improperly, and that Californians have firmly, decisively rejected this special election strategy of running over the legislature and undermining representative government. He could salvage his image that way - but more likely than not, this is someone else's - anyone else's - fault.

Either way, I hope the media refuse Schwarzenegger a pass on this one. He was wrong. The voice of the people sure sounds different when it isn't singing your praises, eh Governor?

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