Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Stag Leaps Up Ballot Into Bigger Pond

Ah, mixed animal metaphors - we love 'em.

Big news 'round the CMC campfire today is Jake Zimmerman's quick change from a race for the Saint Louis County Council to a bid for the 83d legislative seat in Missouri.

The change heads off a potentially messy, expensive, draining Democratic primary for the County Council seat and sets up a financially and experientially wealthy candidate - Zimmerman - to keep the Democratic 83d district seat.

Jake enters the new race with nearly $150k in the bank (save what will need to be returned due to contribution limit differences between the two races - so if you maxed out on his county race - good news! - you're getting a Christmas bonus).

As ever - we wish him good luck and urge you to visit his website at www.jake2006.com to contribute.

Go Stags!

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