Thursday, November 03, 2005

Snatching Stupidity From The Jaws Of Defeat

Or defeat from the jaws of stupidity. Either one works, I think.

The LAT reports that Governor Schwarzenegger said yesterday that his four special election initatives are only the beginning:

Schwarzenegger told reporters that he could have put "15 more ideas" on the ballot. As it was, the governor said, he was criticized for taking on too much. Schwarzenegger suggested that he won't be satisfied even if his agenda was approved and that Californians can expect more far-reaching measures from him.

One of the initiatives Schwarzenegger is backing, Proposition 74, would require teachers to work five years, rather than two, before they are eligible for tenure. That measure is not sufficient to improve public education, he said.
If that measure is not sufficient to improve public education WHY IS IT ON THE DAMN BALLOT. For the love of all things democratic . . . .

And the Faulty But Predictable Metaphor of the Week Winner:

Schwarzenegger cast himself as "David" in the special election, fighting "Goliath," because he is being outspent by union rivals and many public opinion surveys show that his initiatives face unpromising prospects Tuesday.

"I'm the underdog in this," he said. "And that's why I said in the beginning that this is David vs. Goliath. It's a wild position to be in. In the movie business, it was always the other way around."
When his ill-conceived measures tank on Tuesday, Schwarzenegger will rage about the will of the people having been thwarted by evil special interest tycoons - teachers, firefighters, nurses, etc. Of course, if the public buys that, they accept the premise that they were hoodwinked, conned, and convinced to vote against measures against their will. Funny thing is, I'm guessing most voters feel pretty confident that they voted they way they wanted to and of their own free will - so Schwarzenegger's rhetorical gymnasitcs should be sight to behold. In his mind it makes complete sense that the will of the people is done when he ousts a non-offending sitting Governor, but the will of the people is undone when they reject Schwarzenegger's agenda.

And Schwarzenegger may have been the Goliath behind the scenes, but in nearly all his movies (post-Terminator), he was the David because audiences don't generally cheer on the bully. T2, True Lies, Total Recall, etc - all underdogs or lone rangers who have to rise above evil outside forces. Way to screw with your own narrative, Arnie.

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