Thursday, November 03, 2005

Phoblog Welcomes: Curbed LA

Thanks to a blurking fellow Athena, I've been tipped off to Curbed LA, the LA incarnation of an NYC site in love with all things real estate/planning/etc. Given my love for San Pedro and my belief that with smart development comes salvation, I predict this site will become part of my daily reads in no time flat. I hope their focus extends past the westside and the valley. I'm sure it will.

Best reason to read it so far - this graphic referring to yet another example of the east coast/west coast divide and why, really, we shouldn't be friends with the east coast industrial complex anymore. Seems a NYT article discussed the exodus of Los Angeles families to "places like Marina County, Bakersfield, Ontario and Riverside, all an hour or two from the city":

Psst - NYT writer - that's probably Moreno Valley - get a better hands-free, please.

On the other hand, under current redistricting procedures, I think we have districts about as compact and reasonably shaped as Marina County. [rimshot]

Ahhh, geek humor - c'mon folks, it's why you keep coming back, isn't it?

Welcome, Curbed LA.

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