Sunday, November 06, 2005

Phoblog Phasionista

Well lookit that!

Thanks to reader Catherine Hazelton - a woman who knows the importance of looking good while kicking ass for women's rights (vote no on 73! she reminds you), I've been alerted to some cd ink in today's Chronicle. Sure, Jack Pitney is the go-to guy for hot commentary on the politics and policy shaping the country, but apparently, I'm the sh*t when it comes to explaining the significance of H&M's soon-to-open San Francisco store:

Shoppers who made a point of visiting H&M whenever they went to New York will no longer be able to lord their purchases over their less well-traveled friends. Some bloggers are breathless: "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus ...'' posted Christiana Dominguez on "This fall, all West Coasters can partake of the same ultra-trendy, uber-perishable clothing store those Easterners have been enjoying for too long while taunting our H&Mlessness.''
Damn, I'm good. I wrote that a really long time ago too, but the savvy websearching Chron reporter found it and for that I thank her.

So wohoo for me. I love me some ink.

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