Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Left 'Sphere, Right 'Sphere

I can't help but note that, unless I'm missing something, the blue blogs are pretty quiet on the Susan Kennedy tip.

Except for this site and the new Keep California Blue, a blog by the California Young Democrats.

I suppose I really hadn't given much thought to the blue blog deficit here in California, but either I'm really off my game (entirely possible) or they just aren't there.

Bob's blog is quiet on the subject so far, as is Dem firm Acosta Salazar's California Democratic Majority. It's not wholly surprising since I think the consensus on our side is a unified, to quote Jon Stewart, "whaaaaa?"

Still, gotta say something, guys. Our silence is notable.

They've got a whole nifty alliance thing going on over there. So? Speak up. Who's with me?

Links to blue blog reax welcome below.


doughnut70 said...

Personally I think Kennedy did what was right. To argue otherwise is the same as saying a legislator should vote against a good bill because it might make the Governor look good. You can't act that way in public office.

However, as a history nut the appointment does remind me of the last months of the civil war when knowing they had lost the war, the South tried to make peace on some type of favorable terms, even going so far as to offer to give up slavery. They wanted to act like they were in some type of position of strength when it was obvious that they were finished no matter what their desires.

I feel the same way about Arnold appointing Susan Kennedy to be his Chief of Staff. He is trying to appear to be a moderate because he sees the train about to run over him and that is the only way he can possibly survive.

However, he now has a record that the people of California understand and they have seen him tack left for political purposes and then move hard right when he thought he could get away with it. That surprise partisanship as much as anything else led to his defeat in the special because voters just didn't trust him.

I believe the people of California will recognize the act of a desperate man and realize that if Arnold were somehow to survive next year, he would go back to his old beliefs and desires. Clearly his past record shows that.

If he had a reputation for honest dealing, it might be different, but too many people have seen the leopard try and change his spots when it suited him, so they won't be fooled.

As for Kennedy, I just hope we can see some progress out of the Governors office on a whole host of problems he has let grow while playing political games. We shall see.

Carl Kolchak said...

Hey CD!

I posted something right away when I heard about Kennedy last night.

Check it out

Not shy here.

Carl Kolchak said...


I fixed the link. It works this time.

I started my blog to counter the Republog with a similar name.