Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I'm Head Of The Class, I'm Popular . . . .

Shockingly, people aren't in love with celebrities as elected officials.

Too bad they seem to get elected, then.

To be fair, I don't think one's film or television oeuvre should be held against them if they want to move into more meaningful public service. But my hunch is that its the sense of entitlement leaving voters cold. Schwarzenegger's constant self-congratulatory tone, his animosity toward those who came to power without the benefit of personal training and an agent, and his general hubris combined to make a dip in popularity inevitable.

Of course, it isn't just the Governor who suffers from a positive vibe deficit. A Field Poll shows that Warren Beatty - and actor and, let's be clear, absolutely nothing else closer to serving in office than his marriage to the co-star of The American President, has a 16% favorable to 48% unfavorable rating.

And this is surprising because . . . . .

Field Poll director Mark DiCamillio said, "Beatty's got an image problem that's hard to deal with."

Well, maybe for him, but I'm handling it fine, thanks. Really, is this guy running for anything yet? People are surprised when I say my first bid for office would likely be for the legislature - why not ask Beatty if he's planning on starting at the School Board level?

So if the premise supporting the discussion of candidate Beatty - or candidate Reiner for that matter - is that celebrity must be made to counteract celebrity, then why not get right down to it and enlist Linda Hamilton to run against Arnold. At least we know she's beaten him before. Twice.

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