Tuesday, November 08, 2005

If 75 Is The Only Y . . .

Would the potential squeaker give Schwarzenegger the rhetorical edge? Along the lines of: see, those union manipulators mucked with reform but the glimmer of hope is that Californians have set them free so that in the future, they can't defuse my box-blowing bombs. Etc, etc.

"Special interests supporting the status quo" says Duf Sundheim, the CRP chairman - that's what we've seen today. Lots of money poured in, etc. He also says the guv had 70% approval rating in the polls and he had the courage to do something or other - then Sundheim likened Schwarzenegger's long term prognosis to NYC Mayor Bloomberg. Uh-huh. No mention is made, of course, of the steady, undeniable, basement-bound dip of his approval ratings over the course of this election. Approval ratings that might indicate that the voters didn't see him as courageous at all. They might imply the voters see him as, well, wrong.

Only time will tell.

No, wait, I think tonight's election results are pretty telling. But 2006's rhetorical war is just beginning.

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