Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hey - Watch Me Throw Myself In Traffic!

Via today's Roundup - news of Carole Migden taking some, uh, time off from her favorite job:

Sen. Carole Migden told Capitol Weekly yesterday that she is taking a "temporary leave" from her job as chairwoman of the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee. "Midgen says she is taking the leave to have more time to focus on Steve Westly's gubernatorial campaign. She will remain in the Senate, but with a lighter work load.

"I'm going to be talking to [the Westly campaign], and I'm sure I'll have some fancy title," she said. "But I intend to spend a great deal of time day-to-day working on this campaign, and I wanted a minimal workload in the Senate during the next six months."
Okay, so I know it's not like she's taking a leave from the Senate altogether, but only can a pistol of an SF-area representative get away with saying, on the record, that she's going to be too busy politicking to work her regular load in the office to which she was elected.

I love Carole Migden. Her approps committee hearings are the stuff of legend (word of advice: never, ever chew gum in 4202). But I still find her statement a bit shocking. Refreshingly honest, I suppose, from an elected - the folks who usually spend most of their time singing woe-is-me-I'm-so-busy-in-the-Capitol - so perhaps that's the source of my shock.


Anonymous said...

The fact is, she got pushed aside because of her completely unacceptable behavior voting Assemblyman Guy Houston's vote for him, which that she's still in the senate after is merciful.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, hearing the same things. Not so much that the happy trigger finger incident was the big issue (if it was, I think this would have happened immediately and not be temporary), but more that the Senate finds her attitude and approach less than appropriate.

I don't think her statement is refreshing honesty as much as it is an inability to admit that she doesn't know when enough is enough.

I love Migden and think that her brand of fearless politicing is fantastic, but she forgets sometimes that in addition to people respecting your authority, it helps if they sometimes like you, too.

Anonymous said...

I agree that if it really was a smack down on the Houston vote, it would've happened long, long ago.

It's not hard to imagine that the cultural differences between the Assembly and Senate weren't respected by Senator Migden and she ran over one too many toes.

Probably just another part of the continuing growing pains between the two houses as they become the same thing - but while Senators who thought they'd get to be all better still don't cop to the fact that, well, roses really smell like poo poo poo . . . as the song goes.

I hear rumblings about other frosh Dem senators too who should have run with the chance to foster good will but instead maintained a screw you attitude that has never been included under "good idea" in any leadership or management book.

Too much time in SF having your ass kissed apparently leads to getting your committee chairwomanship yanked. Think she'll learn a lesson? No, because she can make this lame ass excuse in the press and there will still be enough SF ass-kissers to tell her how wronged she was.

You'd think in the post-Shelley world, electeds would learn that cultivating a few friendships can really pay off.

cd said...

ooh, look at all the anons coming out of the woodwork . . .

Anonymous said...

God...this pissed me off SO MUCH when I heard it yesterday. I can't fucking believe she has the gal to publicly say that she is going to "take a lighter workload" in the Senate so she can work on a campaign? The audacity...Midgen needs to get her ass out of the Senate if she doesn't want to do the job the voters of SF elected her to do. If you want to spend your time working on a campaign with a "fabu" title, does us all a favor a resign first.

The other thing I was thinking when reading this...sounds suspiciously like politicians who resign to "spend more time with the family". Spin it some more Carol...maybe you can give Todd Harris a run for his money on "Spin Of The Week" (coming soon to a Morning Report near you.