Tuesday, November 29, 2005

For Joe: A Post On 'Crimson Cooked Crabs'

Because it makes me think of former West Virginia officemate and honest to god seaman, Joe, here's a link to an article about the long-awaited start to Dungeness crab season.

I've never had one, but he swears they are tops. Maybe this year I should try it . . . . I'm more of a lobster gal myself.

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JB said...

Get yourself down to Fisherman's wharf and grab yourself a crab sandwhich or something. Never tried 'em huh. Oh crab are so good, I think crab is much better than lobster, and is probably the best of all foods to come out of the sea (and I'm no big fan of seafood.)

So yeah, take the streetcar (trolley) down to fisherman's wharf and try some of them. Yummy, argh just thinking about it makes me hungry.