Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Early And Often

Or just once.

Schwarzenegger's name was marked as having already voted when a poll worker was testing some procedures or some such nonsense. The issue was worked out, but it's what's buried a few grafs down that frosts me:

Schwarzenegger's aides were informed of the problem when they arrived Tuesday to survey the governor's polling station. When Schwarzenegger showed up later, a poll worker told the governor he would have to use a "provisional" ballot that allows elections workers to later verify whether the same person cast two votes. McCormack said the poll worker did the correct thing.

The governor insisted on using a regular ballot and was allowed to do so
So he "insisted," eh? Wow, bet that would've worked for everyone else, right? A provisional ballot is the proper protocol even when there's been an obvious error with the list. Why does he get special treatment?


Anonymous said...

i cant see how allowing him to vote with a regular ballot was the legally correct thing to do.

maybe he's guilty of violating some sort of election laws

or maybe the pollworker should have then "challenged" the voter/ballot in accordance with election code

cd said...

Yeah, that was kinda my thought too.

Seems to be a negative times a negative equaling a false positive. A poll worker screws up. So then to unscrew it up, more election procedures are tossed out. That's a realllllly bad idea. I don't think the governor violated any laws, but the poll workers might have by allowing him to cast a regular, as opposed to a provisional, ballot.

Either way - it's the aspect of the story I haven't seen much outcry over (yet). The first transgression gets the attention - the second transgression gets lost.