Wednesday, November 02, 2005

An Anniversay, And Work Yet Unfinished

One year ago I was operating in a foreign city on 2 hours of sleep, 3 Starbucks venti nonfat hot chais, a donut, 3 day-old mini deli sandwiches, and sheer will. The exit polls rolled in and even a prominent journalist friend of mine called to say things looked good. I never believed it, though I didn't blog that at the time.

As the polls closed, I posted an immediate reaction to the job I'd just finished. It's littered with dropped words and poorly sequenced paragraphs, but I wouldn't dream of changing it now.

One year ago.

To all my friends and fellow campaigners, to the volunteers and the staff, to the bosses good and bad - thank you. We lost, but we still changed the world by our efforts. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. And I'd hate to have done it without you. I couldn't have.

You were there. You stepped up. And wherever you are, I hope you are especially proud today.

The fight continues. I'll see you in the field.


J'myle said...

John Andrew and I saw Good Night and Good Luck last weekend and reminisced. Here's to those Country Roads!

redneck muppet said...

thanks for coming out and spending some time with us in WV...RCB may want you to come back next year for another go at it.

Anonymous said...

Pennsylvania '04. F**k Yeah!