Wednesday, November 23, 2005

10 Things For Which Phoblog Is Thankful - 2005 Edition

Another year of blogging come and gone - much for which I am thankful and much more to be thankful for in the coming months (like being the hell out of law school). So here, in no real order, The Top Ten of 2005:

- Posting this from my favorite bar while working on one of my last academic assignments ever while drinking a pumpkin ale. Yeah, you heard me. Paper, bar, ale. Ha!
- My family.
- My dog Patches.
- Sandra.
- Rob.
- Freedom to and from many things.
- My friends, without whom, I would have gone completely insane ages ago and with whom I have only gone partially insane.
- This blog which I continue to hope helps: the greater discourse; you get a laugh; me stay true to my ideals. It also makes me feel like a rockstar sometimes. And like a goofball the rest of the time.
- Did I mention Rob? I'm thankful I can do so.
- Having so many things for which I am thankful that I know a top ten list is futile.

But of course, as ever, I'm ever so thankful for my readers - those that comment, those that blurk, and everyone in between. Without you - this place would be pretty boring.

Happy Thanksgiving. Finals preclude full feelings of holiday cheer this year, but by next year, things should be much brighter.

Enjoy your turkey. Call your parents. Say thank you to someone who deserves it. Back to the heavy political stuff and the CMC woes soon. But for now, whatever time isn't spent studying or writing should really be spent relaxing and spending time with my family.

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