Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wheels Officially Off The Wagon

When the local news starts covering the increasing chorus of Prop. 77 "noes," you gotta figure things look pretty bad.

The coverage this evening centered on the growing number of Republicans coming out against the measure. Gee, wonder why. The answer comes with another question: which Republicans?

The incumbent ones. Natch.


doughnut70 said...

Your comment is a little cynical isn't it?

Many prominent political activists in both parties whom have never run for elective office oppose 77 and so do many good government groups who are in existance primarily to clean up government. To just lump them in with incumbent elected officials and pretend that is the only opposition is a little silly. ALIMO!

Anonymous said...

What the hell does "ALIMO!" mean? You may as well spell things out - these aren't personal ads.

You are correct. More than just incumbent's oppose this plan. Many people oppose the proposition for very sound political and policy reasons. I may be one of them - I haven't decided yet. But it takes a lot to get me to vote for ANY initiative because I hate undermining representative government.

My point with the post, however, was that if a ballot measure on redistricting becomes sexy enough for a local news broadcast, that's generally a bad sign. It's going to get the most media love when incumbent heavy-hitters hate on it. While you, I, and many other readers of this site and other political blogs might be able to list and discuss the relative strengths of think tanks, activists, etc, the average voter probably isn't.

Power of the bully pulpit is a bitch, ain't it.

I lumped no one with anyone here. I was just making an observation.

Hey doughnut - why are YOU against redistricting reform? Or are you? Is it an anti-reform thing? An anti-Costa thing? Is your beef primarily policy-oriented or is it political?

doughnut70 said...
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Anonymous said...

why did you remove that comment?

doughnut70 said...

I thought I was getting a little overworked by the whole issue and decided to ease up a bit. There are a lot of things clearly happening on both sides of this issue and I just decided for the moment to let the official campaigns make their pitches to voters however they choose to do that. By the way, "alimo" means at least in my opinion.