Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Transcripts - Good And Bad

The transcript of the Sept. 15 Bridge to Breakwater scoping meeting is now available on-line. If you run a search on my first name, you can find my inspired commentary. If you could see me while I type, you'd see that I pause when writing inspired to make those little air quotation marks with my fingers.

Two things come to mind reviewing my bit of the public record: first, I'm shocked and pleased that my name is spelled correctly - first and last.

Second: verbatim transcripts can make anyone sound like a non-native speaker rambling without a roadmap. It gets better, but the first graf is rough. In my defense, it sounded a lot better than it reads because it's hard to spell out dramatic pauses. But you'll have to get confirmation of that from someone else there who agreed with me. Most people speaking were on the "con" side of the project and would likely label me an idiot with or without the transcript.

The transcript also doesn't feature my "chaparral" comment. I did use the word and I'd use it again - despite a Mayor Sam commenter deriding me for doing so.

If you want the fun stuff, run a search on "biologist" and consider the "seal alternative" plan forwarded by one Mr. Van De Hoek. That the transcript mistakenly substitutes the word "clamp" for "clams" adds an additional layer of humor to an already funny series of proposals. It's worth the read.

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