Thursday, October 13, 2005

Torrance Moves Up, Down In Same Article

In creepy news - a SoCal attorney was arrested for suspected animal cruelty for keeping 300 dead and living pigeons and operating on one after sedating it with vodka.


Can't help property values in Torrance - a city (a "balanced" one at that) in the South Bay - that's SoCal South Bay, not San Jose South Bay.

But hold the phone - the article describes the attorney's house as run-down but in a "tony Los Angeles suburb."

Wow. Impressive.

Update: More (creepier) coverage in the Daily Breeze. It clears up the "tony" question. He lived in Redondo Beach, not Torrance. Perhaps. His Starbucks is in Redondo.

And I think that will be the last icky pet story of the day.

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