Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Swing And A Miss

Unsurprisingly, Miers has withdrawn herself from consideration for the Supreme Court. Hardly a shock.

One wonders - as others have mentioned - whether she was intentionally sacrificed so that the next, true intended one would face fewer hurdles since Bush could play the "when will they stop holding this up" card. Well, he could have. Except it was his side that held up her smooth appointment.

Though articles covering this latest chapter of White House woeage refer to a presidency beset by troubles, it provides little hope to me that the country might wake up to the dangerous, complete failure that has been the Bush administration. A girl can dream, sure, but why waste wishes on one so thoroughly tefloned?

Also - since we haven't seen a Roberts opinion on anything yet, it is fair to refer to Miers or whomever as a pivotal swing justice? O'Connor was, but does that mean her heir will be as well? Seems like until we know where Roberts goes, we won't know the importance of this seat. Historically, haven't many justices turned out to opine far from their predicted course?

I'm really bad at this Supreme Court watching nonsense, however, so you learned readers please correct me . . . .


Anonymous said...

In follow up news, Bush issued an executive order to the media not to take pictures of the fallen Miers so as "not to disrespect her." The media willingly complied.

This of course, follows previous Bush instructions not to allow photos of the dead in Iraq and New Orleans.

Word has it that Libby and Rove will soon enjoy "photo-protected status."

Anonymous said...

The trouble with the whole thing is, as much as I destest Miers' ideology (choice, civil rights for the gay community, where do I start?), I can only assume that due to the harsh criticism from the president's own team, we'll get someone even MOOOOORE conservative (*note shiver up my spine*) next time. The only way to placate the right is to be righter, and not in a good way.

I'm afraid that despite the beating that the president is taking this week, progressive thought and real American values (like liberty and non-discrimination and teh separation of church and state) might take even a harder hit with the announcement of a new nominee.

On this solemn occaision let's pause to remind ourselves that because we have an appoitned judiciary, which is both a good and bad thing, there is NO SUCH THING AS A MODERATE REPUBLICAN. MODERATE REPUBILICANS DON'T GET RE-ELECTED BY BEING MODERATE. THEY GET RE-ELECTED BY PANDERING TO THEIR BASE. So, voting for Republicans who claim to be moderates (read McCain) is flat out dangerous. Even at lower levels of government, mod-R = R. That's why people like Steve Poizner are even more dangerous than Dennis Mountjoy. They're stealth. You think you understand 'em, but when the s%*^ hits the fan, which is, after all, when it really counts, they're not on your team. Bottom line.

So, Reid Hastings, in case that message to the poor telephone clerk who took my message of cancellation at Netflix didn't make it all the way to your desk. I cancelled becasue I refuse to make you richer becasue you gave your money and your endorsement on a TV ad to Steve Poizner and who knows where that could have gone...

PS - I started out wondering if it was really going to take the handing down of indictments to get people to believe that the WHite House is filled with lying criminals, but now I'm wondering if that will really be enough. What's happened?