Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Spot The East Sac Landmark!

Want to empress upon the voting public the extent to which you despise Prop. 77? Head to East Sacramento and bring your camera crew! That crazy lady is in front of a house somewhere in the lower range of the Fab 40s, I think. And the newest spot features more angered Sacramentans, er Californians, in front of the Big Albertsons on Folsom (I suppose since Little Albertsons closed, we can drop the big, but locals know what I mean), and walking down more tree-lined East Sac streets.

This almost redeems the intrusion into SATC time, since name-that-location is my second stupid human trick after name-that-random-actor.

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Anonymous said...

You can always combine both loves and name the locations and random actors on Sex and the City...I went on a tour in NYC and made them point out ALL the locations!