Thursday, October 20, 2005

No! Yes On 77

Dear Yes On 77,

You know, you almost had me. On technical achievement you were doing better than some who had come before you and you were closer to success than redistricting reformist have been in years. True, you were "written" by Ted Costa, advocate of some peoples somewhere. True, you had absurd voter approval provisions and could've gone farther with your criteria. My main problem was always that you were part of an anti-representative government boneheaded move by a self-centered political amateur. Part of me almost wanted to give you a chance, though, and break my strict "no on everything" rule (that goes beyond this election, too).

But then you started your media "blitz" with this.

While the ABC folks use serious music and stern faces to rightly warn against the perils of the governor's foolish proposals, you go your own way and embrace political commercial making circa 1986. In Kentucky.

Steve Poizner, you've got more money and more brains than this, don't you?

Not like I'd have voted for you for insurance commissioner anyway, but man, I won't know.

If you'd like to see an example of a political ad using goofy humor well, check out Ron Chun's spots for SF assessor. Shots of the 3 stooges (two of the three anyway - which is sneaky, well done, and saves him from clearly avenues for mocking) usually result in immediate disqualification, but the ad is very, very well done. Especially compared to the tripe you pass off as an advocacy ad.

Some crazy old grannie yelling stock sentences about those greedy Sacramento bastards? That's all you got? You'll earn all those no votes, my friend, for flopping completely on artistic impression.

Way to raise the level of discourse, dammit.

Yours truly,

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