Tuesday, October 18, 2005

More On Ads: Note Agency's Location

On the new military recruiting ads that resemble anti-drug ads:

The Chroncile covers a recently airing set of ads (print spots running as well) to encourage military service by showing kids having serious conversations with silent parents. The voice over says "make it a two-way conversation."

I've seen several so far and at first I wasn't sure if they were really military spots or whether they were sly anti-war messages. They're real military spots and the branches are listed on the ad's closing screen. They are quite powerful - and also a little sad and a little noble. And they also mirror all those anti-drug commercials that urge parents to buck up and talk to their kids about drugs.

The military spots are a little less culturally damning. The anti-drug spots trying to get parents to parent make me want to home school any child I may have for fear they will sit next to any of a number of parentless children.

But one item in the article struck me: the ad firm that created the campaign calls San Francisco home.

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