Sunday, October 09, 2005

Light Blogging, Heavy Jogging

Because tapering is for sissies.

Yes, it hardly seems possible, but this weekend is The Relay - all 199 blessed miles of it - from Calistoga to Santa Cruz. We have our team - Bib #76 Sac It Up. My favorite team name - aside from ours - is probably 11 Turkeys and A Ham. And then there's Bib #2, Team Dean. You'll note the listed start time is 4am . . . on Thursday. That's because team Dean is one man: Dean Karnazes. And yes, he is his team. You may remember him from such things as the cover of Runner's World and the cover of his book. This is an average run for him.

At any rate: between some nice, last minute panicking over the relay, and a host of other things, this week will be a light one, blogging-wise.

But hang in there - you're still free to bash the Rose, redistricting reform, or the No side all you want in the comments sections of various posts below.

And unlike the marathon, I promise-no-really-this-time to toss up some relay coverage.

Read more about the event here.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck! I did The Relay last year and had a blast. Watch out for tight tight tight legs at the start of your third run. "Lactic Acid Trip" rules!