Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Internet Things I'm Digging Today

If Google is your homepage, you may have noticed the Personalized Homepage link in the upper right corner. Granted, I tend to use the Google Toolbar to google things up more often than I navigate to my homepage, but my new personalized page might change that - or at least change my initial surfing upon booting-up.

The personalized page allows you to add RSS/XML feeds for pretty much anything you want (you can choose from a few preset options in various categories or add any feed you can find). For instance, my page features the pre-set Reuters, BBC, Google News Top Stories, Weather, and Movie times feeds.

And since I can add my own feeds, I threw in the Chron's top news and bay area news feeds, as well as Metroblogging San Francisco, Election Law Blog (since I'm spending so much time on the subject lately), and Phoblographer* itself (just to make sure the feed is working since I've been asked about it in the past).

I may add some more friends' feeds and/or swap some around soon, but too many means I can't see them all without scrolling, which lessens the page's functionality.

So check it out - new toys are always fun.

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Anonymous said...

The google homepage is also good for checking the contents your gmail inbox behind an obtrusive internet filter since it shows up as a google url, not a gmail url, which is what most filters are programmed to block. If your employer blocks internet-based email you still won't be able to open messages, but at least you can find out when one is there, who sent it, and the subject. Hooray google.