Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween, Happy Campaigning

Catherine Hazelton with a field report showing how activists can unite their holiday spirit and their political passion:

Still looking for the perfect Halloween costume? Here's an idea. . . Last night I attended a Halloween party of non-politicos. With a short skirt, bra straps showing, glitter eyeliner, a backpack, Gwen Stefani on my Ipod, and a bean bag pillow under my tank top, I went as a pregnant teenager. I wore a No on Prop 73 button and used the costume as an opportunity to tell people about the parental notification initiative. It gave me the opportunity to inform people who'd never heard of this "under the radar" prop. I got to change the minds of several people who hadn't thought through the potential consequences of it. Also, I think I convinced a few others, who were already opposed to it, that they needed to get out and vote for it. They didn't know how close the polls were, asking incredulously, "In California??? How could that be?" The night was a success, and a lot of fun. Perhaps I most enjoyed walking around with a gin and tonic and a cigarette drooping out of my mouth, telling people that idiotic teenagers like me really should not be having a baby they clearly don't want. It was a hoot and, I think, effective. For those who hate phonebanking, this might be a fun way to do your duty.
Don't know much about Prop. 73 yet? Check out the text here.

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Anonymous said...

I love the idea of dressing up as a proposition for Halloween! Anyone very tall and thin can make a costume for Prop 77, by going as Lois Capp's district (500 miles long and 500 feet wide).

Since I don't have a costume yet, maybe I'll go as a poor teacher, and be one of the many union members supporting the pay increase in Prop 75. I could talk about Prop 74, too.

What costume would work for Prop 76? I couldn't think of anything good.