Thursday, October 06, 2005

Foie Gras, Women, and The American Way

Have fun playing with this story on force-fed women fighting a gruesome tradition in Mauritania, an Islamic republic on the western edge of the Sahara.

Voluptuous wives have been the historic standard in the country, but DishTV is freeing the women to aspire toward anorexia spawned by the western-world and its global influence.

No, no, I'm not saying force feeding a 12 year old the way you would a goose is a good thing - but the story brings up a nice, multi-layered set of women's issues.

Also - I'm damned curious how tall these women are if, as the article says, their 198 pound weight impairs their ability to walk (granted the weight can also be paired with tortured feet to force the feeding, but the piece implies 198 pounds alone hampers movement. In the words of Sir Mix-a-Lot, only if she's 5'3". Which may be the case . . . .

(Thanks to Amberfor the link).

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Marshall Astor said...

Hell, I am 5'3" and probably weigh around 198 pounds. I have no problem doing several hours of cardio, followed by weights or my naginata class at that weight/heigh ratio. I know cyclocross jocks who are pushing 250. If these girls are having trouble walking, its because someone if breaking their legs, not because they weigh 198 pounds. At 198 Kilos, yeah, you're gonna be waddling about, but 198 pounds, no way. It says a lot about the person writing the article that they consider 198 to be a debilitating or shocking weight for a woman to be at.

That being said, fattening your kids up to attract mates sounds just as bad/stuid, if not less bad, as what we do to teenage girls in this country.