Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Capitol Weekly Introduces New Lunch Invite Guide

Hungry but no longer able to call a lobbyist for chow AND don't know which of your staffer friends is most able to pick up the tab? Fear not, poor Fellows, Capitol Weekly has introduced a new Legislative Salary Search. Not only can you now easily pull up the names and salaries of your friends and enemies, but you can also see the last 20 searches and the most popular searches.

Look - Cory Salzillo is number 2 today! Go Cory!

Salaries are, of course, public record and are usually framed in a "look at the greedy bastards" light. It shouldn't surprise you that I find that angle a load of crap. These people are generally hard working, dedicated, and get little more from the public than bad-mouthing everytime the salaries report is released.

Also handy - the individual search pages present comparisons: as in, the average salary is x, and y people make more, z make the same, and so on.

Though salaries can frequently be used as hard evidence of long suspected largess, this new searchable database gives those in the building better networking guidance and a handy cheat sheet for "who can afford to feed me today," always an important question for the lower ranks of the pay scale.

Bon Appetit!


Anonymous said...

who the hell is Irving Pacheco?... if that is his real name...

Anonymous said...

I dunno. Go to Bermudez's office and ask for him.

Anonymous said...

Wow-I hope they don't publish a Lobbyist Guide...CD, could you e-mail me information about the event tomorrow?

neotokyotimes said...

I felt a little weird about looking up the salaries of everyone I know. But whatever.