Saturday, October 08, 2005

California Parents Grateful, Relieved To Have Duties Eased

The Governor signed a few nanny state bills today. Well, one nanny and one perhaps a bit more important. The bills ban the sale of especially violent video games to children and ban the use of dietary supplements by high school athletes.

The Governor said the violent video game bill, AB 1179 by Assemblyman Leland Yee, "gets parents involved in the decision-making process."

Um, I dunno, but, like, couldn't - and shouldn't - parents have been involved in the decision making process WITHOUT THIS BILL? What the hell does the bill do other than ensure a nice dinner-table fight in many California homes. My guess: kids under 15 or so aren't driving themselves to Blockbuster or Best Buy and kids over 15 should be able to differentiate between real and video game violence. And parents of kids of ANY age should know most of what their kids are doing.

One 13 year old interviewed for the Chron article linked above said kids could just order games online or ask a grown-up to buy the games for them (while they're buying the kids' cigarettes and beer, I would assume). And that kids watch movies more violent anyway.

To paraphrase one of my favorite film characters: until mankind is peaceful enough not to have violence on the news, there's no point in taking it away from games that need it for entertainment value.

Two things to love about this bill:

First, it's author is from San Francisco - home of vast respect for individual liberty and choice. So respectful, in fact, it will go ahead and just tell you what you can and can't say.

Second, define "ultraviolent." You'll know it when you see it, right?

I hope by the time I become a parent that more laws like these are enacted so I really only have to check of a number of permission slips and leave it to the cops and retail clerks to make sure my kids are on track.

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