Sunday, September 25, 2005

Zines From The Zine

I am here this weekend.

Four things are clear each time I attend one of these hipster tech events in San Francisco:

1.) I am one of very, very few people without a Mac.
2.) At least I have a sexy little Vaio - seemingly the only accepted non-Mac notebook.
3.) Much like Democratic party politics, there is a very small universe of hipster tech blogging zinester insertpropertaghere people. And they all come to each event.
4.) I am soooooo a front-end user. Most of this stuff goes over my head. However, I did pick up a free copy of Make magazine and plan on creating my own VCR-cat feeder when I get home.

This world and the political blogging world are far apart. Or, more correctly, this world, and the mainstream, new media world are far apart. Suddenly, however, I have a burning desire to learn more about Linux, buy a video camera, and, oh yes, get an iPod Nano. Creepy.

For more on the event - check out Metroblogging San Francisco.

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