Friday, September 09, 2005

Yup, Heck Of A Job, Brownie

Funny, but news of Brownie's removal from the Katrina recovery process makes me think of something

Wonder why:

Doubts about Brown's background grew after a Time magazine report questioned his official biography, which claims he served as an assistant city manager in Edmond, Oklahoma, in the 1970s with ``emergency services oversight.'' . . .

A statement released by FEMA earlier today stated Brown was an ``assistant to the city manager.'' That's the way Randel Shadid, a former Edmond mayor and city councilman, described Brown's job in the city, which Census Bureau figures show had a population of 34,637 in 1980.
Oh right - it makes me think of this:

Gareth: I'm assistant regional manager.
David Brent: Assistant to the regional manager.

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Anonymous said...

I made the exact same connection while watching the news tonight. I'm glad others picked up on it. The Office just doesn't get the attention it deserves.