Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Yet Another Reason To Love CMC

When I toured CMC, my mother latched onto the Athenaeum as one of the campuses top draws. I thought it was fine, but didn't appreciate it until I began attending CMC. Then it was love. Nightly love.

Reader Josh "Please, Keep Calling Me El Presidente" Walter pointed out this tailor-made for Phoblog ath event: Stag and FEC Commissioner Dave Mason asks "Should Bloggers Be Regulated?

Should the Internet continue to be exempt from the rules governing political activity? Can the government effectively regulate Internet politicking, even if it tries? Should bloggers be regulated?

Commissioner David Mason will tell the unusual story of a regulatory agency - the Federal Election Commission - that decided NOT to regulate, and describe the challenge he and his agency face now that a Federal Court has ordered it to write rules regulating political activity on the Internet. Political activity on the Internet has been a remarkable success. Activists of all stripes see the Internet as a revolutionary citizen tool, but others see Internet activism as a threat.

David Mason was nominated to the Federal Election Commission by President William Clinton in 1998, and currently serves as a member of the Commission's Litigation Committee. Prior to his appointment to the Commission, he served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, guiding base closing legislation to a successful conclusion.

Commissioner Mason is active in political and community affairs and the home education movement in northern Virginia where he resides with his wife and their ten children.
Oooh, let the nerding out begin. I am so there. . . .

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Josh said...

Did I just read "ten children"? What the %$#^?

Turns out the Ath had/has good stuff. I used to just think it was funny to call it the Ass. My bad.