Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Unexpected How?

I still don't get this New York Times headline: Clinton Is an Unexpected Partner in the Hurricane Effort. Wasn't he part of the dynamic, Tsunami duo not so long ago?

You know who would be an unexpected partner in the relief effort?

George W. Bush.

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cd said...

Now, yes, the article is about the possible political motivations and consequences of Clinton's actions - each press op spraying a fresh coat of teflon on the Clintons as Hil contemplates (ha! like there's a question) a 2008 bid for the Oval office (please, dear god, don't nominate her - oops, I digress).

And Bob Mulholland gets quote - always fun.

But really, he was tapped for the tsunami, and now it's just type casting, right?

Frankly, it's the chance you take. Having him will bring in the dough - so let's at least wait until we have a more accurate body count to start lobbing the "hey, no fair, he's politicking" charges, k?