Thursday, September 01, 2005

Thursday Is Water Day

When I was growing up and attending summer bible camp - day camp, Catholic, not the scary kind - Wednesday was always water day; a day when they would fill little paddling pools and let us toss buckets of water on each other, streaking the steamy asphalt burning our feet in the August sun.

Now it's September, I'm far older, and back in school. It seems now that Thursday is water day given my California Water Resources class and Maritime Law class and the inescapable coverage of the breakdown of civilization in flood ravaged Louisiana and Mississippi.

Once again, check out Metroblogging New Orleans for some truly frightening coverage.

MSM is starting to look at the situation through a larger lens, as illustrated in this New York Times article on the loss of historic architecture in New Orleans, especially in recently redeveloped neighborhoods rich in local history.

This morning was my first experience watching a chunk of CNN coverage on the events - all of it out of New Orleans and all of it very, very bad. The danger in watching 24-MSM sources, of course, is putting too much import on the words of whatever talking head is on screen. This morning, the commentary centered on wondering where, exactly, the massive federal government response to this event is? I have to admit, I'm either wondering that too or I'm more prone to suggestion that I'd like to admit. I'm normally on the side of government - understanding the large chunk of the story invisible to national viewers, press, and bloggers when it comes to logistics, etc.

To my knowledge, however, Bush has yet to make a dinnertime address soothing the concerns of the 3 Gulfcoasters who have televisions or the rest of the country watching in horror as New Orleans consumes itself and decays before our very eyes. The fleet has yet to arrive. Word of roaming bands of Wal-Mart armed looters taking potshots at cops, etc, doesn't do much to calm anyone down either.

The danger from disease, infection, filth, and guns is matched by the danger of an echo chamber out of control.

So where are the feds?

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