Saturday, September 03, 2005

Sad Day, In So Many Ways

All days seem sad lately. This is, perhaps, in the grand scheme of things, less sad. Or, perhaps, in the long run, a very bad thing.

The Chief Justice has died.


Anonymous said...

It is sad news. But he lived a long and great life.

What is sad is the news channel coverage last night after Rehnquist's death hit. CNN and MSNBC (correctly) kept talking about Katrina. Fox News was Rehnquist-only coverage, showing clips from conservatives talking about the impact of his life.

Not to devalue the importance of Rehnquist, but one old life officially over cannot be more important than the thousands of lives screwed by the hurricane.

Anonymous said...

Interesting stevek. When I heard the news about the late CJ last night, I flipped around to all news channels. All of them were still on Katrina coverage, but only Fox had a crawler and headline about Renhquist. And I hate Fox. This was about 11:00pm.