Thursday, September 29, 2005


All parties, in all ways.

This OC Weekly story made it to my inbox addressed to my CYD leadership address. I'm guessing because of it's "gotcha GOP" themes. It's always fun to watch your opponents fail in a presumably extra-hypocritical way, isn't it?

But this piece's opening is so rife with conflated homophobia/pedophilia issues, so prurient and disgustingly partisan, it's hard to know where to start. That the centerpiece is likely guilty of molesting a 14-year-old initially takes a back seat to the fact that - get this - this guy is friend with Scott Baugh! I KNOW.

What the hell the two things have to do with one another I don't know, except that high ranking party officials should not keep their friends or enemies that close, apparently. See if you can keep your lunch down while the reporter sneers about the subject's stuffed animal collection. He also implies that the OC GOP is where "only open homosexuality is discouraged" - meaning the GOP has no problem with closet cases or child molesters - the two being clearly and unarguably related.

Even if his GOP leadership friends knew of his homosexuality, why would they suspect him of picking up high schoolers?

Shame on the OC Weekly. Shame on the writer. Shame on the subject of the piece, to be sure - but liberal high-horse ridership isn't more attractive than the GOP's.



J'myle said...

Oh, my god. That's so sad, cynical, and dark it's a Paddy Chayefsky comedy. Wow.

I mean, there's a genuine difference between raping a child, which is evil, and getting involved with fourteen-year-old high schooler who's still unsure of his sexuality, which is just plain dumb.

But don't we have too many dumb people in positions of power?

Anonymous said...

Wow. You're not kidding, that is gross. I get the feeling that the writer may have his own issues to work out. Thanks for crying "foul."

PS- I still love The OC.

Anonymous said...

oh for pete's sake . . . . good to know the boalt kids can fill the hours the rest of us must use to find employment with something noble . . . .

(I keed! I keed! Mostly. I'll never really hate on anyone dedicated to television appreciation.)