Thursday, September 08, 2005

Q. Little Reggie And A New City

A. What are two things discovered in today's Los Angeles Times.

Seems a new alligator has been spotted in a flood control channel in Harbor City:

It was his family who first spotted the brownish alligator — estimated to be 3 to 3 ½ feet long — in a flood control channel behind their Harbor City Estates mobile home park late Tuesday, and called the authorities. It is the second alligator discovered in this port city in three weeks.
Who can tell me what's wrong with this statement?

Give up?

Unless the LA Times has suddenly gotten all warm and fuzzy about our fine city, referring to the whole of Los Angeles as this port city - and it is, I suppose a port city - we have a big port, yet I think few outside of LA, hell, outside of San Pedro, Wilmington, and Harbor City, would refer to Los Angeles that way.

"This port city" implies that Harbor City is the port city. Nice try. It's a district of Los Angeles. Don't let the name fool you.

To be fair, the article does go on to refer to LAPD officers and an LA City Councilwoman, but still, the "this port city" phrasing bugs me.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it called "The L.A. Strip"? that was a contrivance of 19th century Los Angeles government to annex San Pedro and form a contiguous city with a port. So Harbor City is not either a harbor or city but it is a Zipcode.
Steve Lee

cd said...

No, it's called Harbor City, I believe. And, like San Pedro, Hollywood, Westchester, and many other large neighborhoods, it is properly a district of the city of los angeles - though not a District as in a numbered city council district.

It is more than a zip code and less than a political subdivision. It has a name and a sense of place - like Hollywood. Just not as famous