Saturday, September 17, 2005

'Last Hahn Standing'

A profile in today's LAT on LA City Councilwoman Janice Hahn:

She lost races while her brother made the family proud with victory after victory. It felt like a repeat of all those times when they were kids, when her brother's report cards went up on display while hers got stuffed in a drawer

Now that has changed. Janice, 53, is the only Hahn in public office. With her down-home San Pedro folksiness [Ed's note: insert withering sigh here], she sees herself as the one charged with carrying on the family name and legacy — even if it means taking on Villaraigosa during his honeymoon with the city.
I wish her luck in taking on the new mayor. Based on the none-too-subtle rhetoric snaking its way into the LA Times, etc, it seems San Pedro may be made to pay for housing the ousted former Mayor Hahn. Meaning someone, or many someones, out there should take lessons on winning graciously. Politics is politics, I suppose. But this could still be one sh*tty situation for my hometown.

Good luck, Councilwoman Hahn.


Anonymous said...

She's going to need some luck, especially catching that alligator. I saw her on the TV news last night while the reporter talked on and on about Janice recruiting a NoLa evacuee to get the job done. Then they showed some B roll of Janice riding around in the the pontoon boat. I thought, wow, when is she going to jump in and get reggie herself?

Anonymous said...

Where has my little Phoblographer run off to?

Anonymous said...

The bathroom, repeatedly.

Too much information?

Stomach flu. Working on getting back on track . . .