Friday, September 30, 2005

A [insert profession] Is About To Meet His Match

Amber takes issue with today's movie trailers and the pretentious AmEx ads airing before them.

I happen to think the Kate Winslet one is clever. The DeNiro one is a bit pained, but then again, what do you expect?

Amber's main complaint is that trailers give away the film nowadays. That certainly seems to be true, though, one fun feature of many of today's mostly special-feature-less older films on DVD is that they at least include the original theatrical trailers. As it turns out - they give away every bit as much, just slower, with fewer cuts, and usually with less music. Often, too, trailers seem more informative if you see them AFTER the film, when you know where the scenes fit. I do agree that there's little more annoying than a clever trailer using scenes that never make it to the film, though.

But the linked treasure of Amber's post is a truly inspired, let's call it, re-imagined trailer for a well known film. Click through - trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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Amber said...

I haven't seen the Winslet one, only the Deniro and the surfer and one other that I've mercifully blocked out.