Thursday, September 15, 2005

Determining The D

TBD no more, reports The Roundup, as State Senator Joe Dunn has settled on (their language, not mine) running for state controller.

A big Phoblog congrats to Cal-Politics blogger Tim Steed who can now avoid much mocking by political-junkies for his boss's indecision.

To clarify, though, we here at Phoblog love player Joe Dunn, but we hate the game that forces good Democrats to run against each other (or perhaps we hate whatever it is that makes these men bust in on each other's turf. We love John Chiang too).

Joe Dunn was a big winner in the applause-o-meter at this summer's YDA Convention. Great speaker, good message, good presence. We wish him well now that he has chosen a race.


Anonymous said...

Just a note about Dunn. He once said about working at the Capitol that the day you walk into the rotunda and forget to be humbled is the day you need to quit your job. Somehting to think about...

A primary like this is tough, but Dunn's a native Minnesotan with a good head on his shoulders. May the best man win.

Anonymous said...

I say the hell with it and run Tim Steed for a statewide office...he has more charisma than the entire Legislature put together...

Anonymous said...

Primary fights are good. We are not Republicans who believe in clearing fields for insiders. If we have two good candidates, that's even better for the voters.

cd said...

I think primary fights are fantastic. I'm all for 'em. When did I say I wasn't.

What I'm less for, however (and this is no way is a personal attack on Joe Dunn), is long standing office holders playing with statewide offices like so many trading cards.

One example: Bill Lockyer is running for . . . state treasurer? Or what again? He's running for "I still want to hold public office but burned by bridge to the Horseshoe."


So, in sum, primary fights - awesome. But self-selection on the part of the candidates is nice, as well.