Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Comments Request

Readers: lately, this site has enjoyed an increase in comment activity - which I absolutely love. Many commenters, however, default to the "Anonymous" option when posting comments. That's fine, you aren't required to reveal yourselves, though I still believe that signed opinions are stronger than those shrouded in mystery.

However, let me suggest a few alternatives that might help keep lines of argument straight.

First, you don't have to register with Blogger to leave a comment (as most have figured out, but some still seem to think they must). You can, however, register with blogger without needing to start a blog, and have a screen name of your own.

Or, even easier, you can click the "Other" option and just give yourself some initials or be "Anon45" or Donald Duck or whomever. With so many Anonymouses running around, things can get tangled up pretty quickly.

The only caveat: if you adopt a nom-de-blog, don't use someone else's real name. No real-life legislators or celebrities, etc.


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