Friday, September 02, 2005

Breaking News: Evidence of Hastings's Soul Found

As The Blog Formerly Known As Class Maledictorian mentions, the legal ramifications of Katrina (no, not just the neato uptick in insurance defense work I'm sure is coming - noble, eh?) are staggering. Files, records, evidence destroyed, comments Amber - and the 5th Circuit now without a home may find itself in, gulp, Texas. Well, at least in Austin which isn't so bad.

She also mentions that law schools across the country are offering to take in Tulane and Loyola students.

Shockingly, even Hastings has offered space for 12 3Ls to finish their course work - free of charge - with us. It's nice to know the administration is capable of doing something for actual living, breathing students.

Note to any NO law student who might stumble on this post: I give law school a lot of crap. And I'm fairly hostile to the administration. However, the faculty and student body are great. Our neighborhood is nothing compared to yours, I'm sure, but there are nicer parts of San Francisco out there. Feel free to email me at christiana at phoblographer dot com if there's anything I can do to help out. I'm not supposed to be at Hastings this semester either - so at least we'd have that in common.

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