Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Breaking News: Assembly Passes Gay Marriage Bill

7:31pm: CMC alum and Assembly Member Salinas (D-Salinas) was a surprise "aye" on Leno's AB 849: Gender-Neutral Marriage bill, which passed 41-35.

The bill, having now passed both houses of the California Legislature, goes to the governor for his approval. It should be interesting to watch the Horseshoe's reaction, given his low approval ratings, voter views on the special election, and Californian's views on gay marriage generally. Whether he picks up the pen or not, he'll be a hero to some contingent or another. We'll just have to wait to find out which on which constituency he places his political bet.

Of course, in a perfect world, he'd just do the right thing. But, I hope by this point, it is clear that Governor Schwarzenegger is just as human as the next politician.

Good job, Assembly.

And, as ever, Go Stags.

Update: The Chron covers the story. Note their time stamp is later than mine. Woo! I know, no one will no I was one of the first to post. Plus there are likely other bloggers out there who posted fast too. But I'm still proud of my speed-fingers. And, for what it's worth, here's the most recent Field Poll I could find on the question of same-sex marriage.

[Thanks to reader and capitol insider CS for the vote screen shot.]


Anonymous said...

As much as I want the Gov to sign the bill, I think it would be crazy for him to do so. He desperately needs the conservative Republican base to cover his butt at the ballot in November. You're right -- he is just another politician. Fortunately, several fine politicians bucked the likely advice of their consultants and took a courageous vote in support of this bill. Go Negrete McLeod! Go Salinas! Go Umberg! Boo Horton! Boo Baca! I can't help but hope that their decisions to choose their re-elections over their consciences will bite them in the behinds next June. Can't post without a shout-out: yay Carol Liu! Like 61 others in the legislature, my old boss done good!

Anonymous said...

I second the "Yay to my old boss!" Carol, you rock my world!

Also, props necessary to my former plane buddy Gloria Negrete McLeod, CMC's own Simon Salinas, and Mr. Umberg.

Jerome Horton never votes for anything (literally), so really, not much of a surprise. I hope Gloria Negrete McLeod whips Joe Baca, Jr. in the primary, but I'm sure this will be an issue here in the IE.

neotokyotimes said...
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Anonymous said...

if i start "playing ball?" are you kidding me? taking me to task, mr. lakoff?

my allegience to the cause is unquestionable. don't get snotty, 2L.

neotokyotimes said...

You know I know you're down. I just think the word choice is incorrect.

neotokyotimes said...

[I prefer referring to the issue/ topic/ bill as "marriage equality."]