Monday, September 26, 2005

Bleg: Movie Ideas

I don't bleg often, but sometimes one hits a wall and tossing the issue out to the 'sphere is the only thing that helps reach an answer.

I'm looking for films dealing with any of the following: the relationship between the press (media/journalism, preferably newer media) and the courts/legal system/American jurisprudence, etc; the changing attitudes toward the trustworthiness of the press; blogging - are there any films about blogging, or blogging-by-analogy yet?; federal regulations on campaign finance reform and public views about funding candidates; any movie, no matter how low- or high-brow touching on issues of the internet, MSM, blogging, journalism, media, trust, truth, and some healthy dosages of legal theory (either explicit or which you could layer on top, college lit course style).

In the alternative: I had to watch Adam's Rib recently for my Film & The Law class (say it with me now, 3.5L . . . .). The film hits its emotional boiling point as husband-lawyer-prosecutor Adam accuses wife-lawyer-defense-attorney Amanda of breaking the marriage contract basically by humiliating him in court. Adam's Rib, a comedy, of course has a satisfying, happy resolution. But immediately I started digging the shadowy corners of my mind for a film I saw sometime ago in which the husband, always supportive of his non-traditionally successful wife (like she's an attorney or business woman, or somehow pants wearing, etc) hit is breaking point and basically reveals that he actually wants more of a demure, traditional, skirted woman. It doesn't end well, he can't hack it, and they go bust. Or something like that.

Does that ring any bells with anyone or am I making it up?

You have until Wednesday morning to help me. Go.


Josh said...

Wasn't that "Mr. Mom"?

Anonymous said...

I don't have an answer for you but Chai Komanduri who worked on the campaign is a walking encyclopedia of movies. He knows them all!!!! You could email him via shockandawe...Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Try "Absence of Malice", "Legal Eagles", "The Net" (I know it sucks)

"Angels in America" (2003) (mini)
Roy Cohn: [on why he wanted Ethel Rosenberg to get the death sentence] I would have pulled the switch if they let me. Why? Because I hate traitors. I HATE communists. Was it legal? FUCK legal. Not nice? Fuck nice. The Nation says I'm not nice? FUCK THE NATION. Do you wanna be NICE? Or you wanna be EFFECTIVE?

"Legal Eagles"

Chain Gang (1950)
It was legal murder until a reporter and his girl dared to get the inside story!

My Cousin Vinny (1992)
There have been many courtroom dramas that have glorified The Great American Legal System. This is not one of them.

12 Angry Men

Judgement @ Nurenburg

Norhtside 777

True Crime

J'myle said...

Props to Christiana's Dad for knowing practically everything.

Meanwhile, if you're not limited to recent movies, Gore Vidal did a play and, later, film set during a Democratic convention in the late 60s. It was called "The Best Man," and Vidal's on record as saying it's "the only movie I got to do my way."

I found an old copy of the originial script in the LOC a while back. Good stuff.