Monday, September 12, 2005

Biting The Hands That Feed You

(via a link in today's Roundup) No, no, Arnold wouldn't do such a thing to most of the very special special interests who back him and his foolish attempts to undermine our republican form of government as well as our faith in the potential for human good in government. In fact, it seems you can buy your way out of being the kind of special interest he says are killing the state (you know, those sketchy nurses, teachers, firefighters, and peace officers).

But cheeky new mag Radar reports that the governor's announced veto of Leno's marriage bill will get him off the Christmas lists of his some of his earliest supporters: "gay sugar daddies in the international bodybuilding circuit."

“Arnold has had a long association with rich gay men,” according to Wendy Leigh, author of Schwarzenegger: An Unauthorized Biography. “When he moved to England [around the time of his first Mr. Universe title in 1967], John Dixey, a British businessman and well-known aficionado of muscle boys, was very, very kind to Arnold. You have to understand, before Arnold came on the scene, it was common currency that bodybuilders were less than macho—it was absolutely given and accepted that they supported themselves by catering to the tastes of wealthy gay men.”
I'm hardly an expert on the "gay sugar daddy" demographic - but the veto could be perceived as a slap in the face, couldn't it.

Actually, the various factions within the gay community might have different views on marriage equality to start with (that's my sexuality and the law class talking). Generally speaking, though, I'd say that this is just more evidence that Schwarzenegger doesn't care about being the strong, independent, centrist candidate anymore. Sticking with early supporters - to say nothing of standing up for civil rights - can't hold a candle to pandering to the die-hard, far right base that frequently sinks moderate, decent Republican candidates. Hey, Schwarzenegger can feel free to help the slow, singularity-like implosion of the California Republican Party - no problems here.

But I wonder how the California's dominant Decline-to-State party, centrist Democrats, and other supporters feel about him now. Personally, I don't like it when my candidate abandons me or shows he is fine with ditching others who helped him along the way. Maybe the magazine industry guys told him not to worry about that whole marriage thing, who knows.

At the very least, it's safe to say Schwarzenegger's true colors don't include those in the rainbow flag.

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