Tuesday, August 09, 2005

YDA By The Bay Thought Of The Day

So, with all of Steve Westly's hiring young folks to plug him at the last CDP convention and the sort of prevailing idea that Westly is somehow more youth-oriented than his would-be opponents - where was he?

I saw neither hide nor hair . . . . Angelides, however, was out in full force with volunteers and one very well-written and delivered speech.

We'll see if the Westly Blog picks up on this and answers . . . . I, for one, can't figure out why he'd miss it.

And yes, the full review is coming. Along with the marathon coverage. Believe me? I'm not sure I do either. But here's hoping . . . .


Anonymous said...

Here is some background and my thoughts...

There were plenty of Westly supporters in attendance but the campaign didn't buy a table or ad so Steve wasn't invited to speak.

Some of the supporters were handing out lit but the organizers were not happy about it since they only wanted candidates who had given money to have vols around.

Also...about Steve's young people. Almost all are volunteers, not employees. As a former teacher and mentor Steve has always had a lot of young people working with him. It wasn't just for the CDP convention. You can ask them directly why but I'd bet you'll find they (like me) believe he has the kind of fresh perspective our party and our state needs.

Anonymous said...

Now, now, Steve,

While I was in no way integral to the convention planning, I find it hard to believe that's what really happened. I know there were other speakers who did not contribute to the convention - and some who likely did even without the benefit of substantial coffers.

We're not really a pay-to-play organization. Frankly, if we were, I wouldn't necessarily mind since we hardly get the kind of funding other Dem orgs get.

Care to amend your remarks?

Rocky Fernandez said...

To clear the record-

We (the convention organizing committee) DEFINITELY asked him to speak on numerous occasions. Crystal and Ayda asked his office to speak at General Session as well as the Tech panel.

Quite frankly, we were having money trouble (thanks to respecting the Union Hotel Boycott) and the fact that Mr. Westly had known about the event (the FIRST time California Young Democrats has EVER won and hosted a national convention in YDA's 82-year history) since late November (when he said he was excited about helping out) and never contributed to the effort is a decision that he and his campaign will have to live with.

As for the campaigning-we asked campaigns to keep their work limited to the tables and such that were available...otherwise we'd have to let LaRouchies participate as well. It was both a fairness and a security issue.

Then, there were conflicting answers to why there were Westly folks there passing out "Westly 2006" water bottles. At first, a campaign representative said that there wasn't anyone authorized to send the two volunteers there, and that it must have been done on a volunteer basis. The two kids who were doing it were asked to show up and do it and were given the bottles to pass out. Now, it appears as if there was SOME kind of collaboration because campaign representatives acknowledge that the campaign was at YDA by the Bay.

Mr. Angelides came to us long ago and wanted to speak. In addition, there were several requests by people to have the Treasurer there. The fact that the Treasurer’s campaign bought a full page in the program book was icing on the cake, and we thank him for stepping up to the plate to help make this event happen.

Last and most importantly, NOT EVERY SPEAKER CONTRIBUTED TO YDA BY THE BAY. Many did, and we thank them for also stepping up to help, but it wasn't a prerequisite for a speaking slot. Some speakers we turned down gave to the convention anyway.

Anonymous said...

Well, it is easy to see that communication could have been better between the campaign and the organizers. We kept getting requests for support but the speech requests didn't make it my way. Your right CD, CYD is not pay to play and I didn't mean to suggest that. I know how it can be when different people are planning the program and working on the fundraising.

There was no conspiracy about the volunteers. They were there. They were supporting Steve. They were trying to give out water to thirsty delegates. And somenoe from CYD told the campaign it wasn't cool cause we didn't sponser.

Steve will contiue working with young people trying to further democratic values in California as he has done for over twenty years.