Friday, August 26, 2005

Somewhere, I Can Only Hope Gray Davis Is Smiling

From The Roundup:

Rolling Blackouts From our "Just What the Governor Needed" Files... "A disruption along a major transmission line and higher than predicted temperatures prompted utility officials to order rolling blackouts throughout Southern California on Thursday, leaving between 250,000 and 500,000 homes and businesses without electricity for 30 minutes or more, utility officials said."

Proposition 80 proponents were seen giving offerings to Apollo on the Capitol's west lawn.

"Despite lasting only a brief period, the event was one of the largest electrical shortages to hit the region since the power crisis of 2000-01 and prompted Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to make an emergency stop at Cal-ISO's headquarters in Folsom for a briefing. Eager to stem fears of a renewed energy shortage, officials stressed that Thursday's outage involved power transmission and not supply."

"'We need to upgrade the system - I've inherited an outdated system,' [Schwarzenegger] said. 'This is the system that caused the problem four years ago - we want to upgrade the system and reform it.'"

Haven't we heard that line before?
It's funny, isn't it? Schwarzenegger may have "inherited" yet another albatross, but Gray Davis had the same problem and "inherited" a particularly hot summer. Schwarzengger has now also inherited his predecessor's lousy approval ratings. I can only hope in inherits Davis's eventual loss as well.

Are Californians still going to buy what this guy is selling? I haven't heard "it's not my fault" this much since the last summer I had a cabin full of seven-year-olds. We've been "going to" fix a lot of stuff in this state since he showed up. Can anyone make me a list of what's actually been accomplished, because little springs to mind. Except that budget he got last year along with those propositions. Of course, those pulled exactly the same kind of numerical jiggering and borrowing for which Schwarzengger slammed Davis - but hey, who's counting?


Anonymous said...

20%+ reductions in worker's comp, all thanks to the Governator and Sen. Poochigian.

Anonymous said...

To quote homer simpson ,as it said in the Bible "Screw that!"

Arnie can't blame his problems on his predecessor. He said he was going to be an effective reformer and instead became a sick cariacture of the straw man he beat on in 2003.

Now if we could just get a decent Demo to send him back to Graz, I'd be happy.