Monday, August 22, 2005

So THAT'S Where Those Files Went

Yes, though distantly, as far as I know these people would be family. Or familia, I suppose.

And Phoblog Phun Phact: my high school was (and still is) located on the campus of Cal State Dominguez Hills. You may recognize that name from such films as Bring It On and Class of '97: The Movie. And yeah, all the notebooks were personalized. And no, that joke isn't old. Wait, yeah it is.

Anyway, as soon as I can figure it out, I'm taking back Palos Verdes. Sounds like those damn Sepulvedas snatched it before we could anyway. Pffft. Just 'cause they have a big 'ol' street named after them. We almost had Carson. Almost . . . . .

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