Friday, August 26, 2005

Regulatory Issues I Will Never Understand, Exhibit A

L.A. Observed points to LAT and Daily Breeze articles on next summer's 310 overlay - a move likely to return us to eleven-digit dialing. The new code? 424.

I have yet to see any article not mention the thousands of numbers held by phone companies for . . . . for . . . well, what for, actually?

The outer limits of my policy knowledge end before the PUC, but isn't the state's utility agency responsible for checking into stuff like this and forcing companies not to force us into bullshit extra dialing? And not to threaten our favored area codes?

Anyone with insight is welcome to comment or email . . . .

I suppose it's better than a split. And those of us who live solely on cell phones have long ago ceased knowing anyone's number (we just dial through our contacts list, right?). Still, seems off.


Anonymous said...

It's true. It's a PUC thing and it's a HUGE deal. I was interning in Dede Alpert's DO in SD when they added the 858 area code. It wasn't an overlay, but a new area code and several businesses were having huge porblems with competitors stealing their old number when the first company got booted into the new area code. An overlay is better. Is 11 digit dialing all that bad? Are we really that lazy?

Anonymous said...

The issue of how many #s the phone companies hold is a good question, but not the fact that they hold them at all.

Can you imagine how long it would take to get a phone line if the gov't had to approve each and every new number assignment?

Obviously selling blocks to the phone companies is the way to go, but the size of those blocks is an area for debate.

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of stuff that makes Californians - esp. people on the West Side - look petty and spoiled. Oooohh...4 more numbers! Whatever shall I do?

Get over it, friends - most countries have longer phone numbers to begin with. Almost all numbers in China are 8 digits without the area code.

Learn to use your auto dialer and stop complaining about losing your precious 310.

Granted, this rant comes from a bitter 909er, but seriously, this is stupid. Sorry folks - I just got back from a developing country where people are starving and oppressed, and I am not in the mood to hear Angelenos whine on the nightly news about the 424. People are dying in the world - this shouldn't be above the fold news.

(And the shameless pandering of local pols on this issue is just embarassing. Period.)