Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Oh, For The Love Of The Game . . . .

Seriously, guys, could you just bench your sh*t long enough to get through the legislative softball game? Let's play around with the logic of the SEIU's semi-threatened call for a boycott of tonight's game:

Davenport says SEIU has not officially called for a boycott of the game, but it was something they were considering. "At the moment, we are not. But we are having discussions with legislators. We are concerned that Sutter is attempting to build up a good name in the community by attaching its name to charitable events. We fully understand Sutter's strategy and we feel legislators have been unwitting accomplices in this."
So, let's see here - Sutter, who has messed up plenty, according to the SEIU, now has the gall, the unmitigated tenacity, to do something beneficial like sponsor a charity ball game between a two-sides who have no business running in public to being with (except maybe Torlekson, is he playing - he's fiddle-fit)? Thank god for the SEIU for seeking to prevent them from doing anything not-wrong!

The proceeds from the game go to the construction of a south Sacramento field for disabled children and adults.

Those Sutter bastards.

By the way, when I make reference to this blog as a way for me to play frogger with my political career, this would be what I'm talking about. But lunacy is lunacy.

When unions expressed concern about the YDA convention patronizing a hotel owned by Sutter Health - that was a reasonable concern (despite the logistical nightmare of moving the convention yet again). But threatening a charitable event? Makes me think of those idiotic charities that won't accept donations from North Beach strip clubs. Take the money! Let them raise the money!

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