Thursday, August 25, 2005

Lake May Be Harbor City's, But the Gator Is Ours, Dammit

Harbor Park Harry - actually Reggie, so Regional Park Reggie? - is a San Pedran, it turns out. Um, but that might not be a good thing. One of his former owners was a cop. And, it seems, a bit of a recreational horticulturalist in the San Francisco tradition - if you get my drift.

The article linked above says the Southwestern Herpetologists Society has been helping with the hunt. Amatuer herpetologists have been watching from the shore.

You didn't need to know that, I just wanted to say Herpetologist.

Speaking of which, where is Animal Planet? Someone get Jeff Corwin and that Croc Hunter crazy Aussie out here. It's like battle of the Cable Network Stars. See who can catch Reggie first. Seriously - this is a golden opportunity.

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