Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ah, Memories

A reader recently asked about my retrospective thoughts on last fall's excitment. I think I responded that I'd post thoughts as I hit certain milestone dates. Today is not one of those dates.

However, it is the first day of my Maritime Law class. Yes, Maritime Law. I grew up in San Pedro. You may have heard we have a port there.

Last year when I went around to my professors to tell them I wouldn't be attending their classes anymore and why, most all of them - likely because of our location - offered positive thoughts, wished me good luck and godspeed and seemed kind when presented with a wide-eyed, white-faced 3L about to toss it all away on an ultimately doomed cause.

Except one.

That would be my Maritime Law professor who said, "I don't think it's a good idea."

So today before class started, I approached him to ask if this year's reader had changed at all from last year (it hasn't, wohoo, there's $20 badly needed bucks still in my pocket), starting with "I don't know if you remember me, but . . . ."

He did, in fact, remember me. Asked if I'd had fun. "Too bad we lost," he said. I agreed. I sat back in my seat and proceeded to start class.

But not before confirming that this year's book was the same as last year's. again, this time, to the general audience. And then he said, "see, this young lady was in my class last year and she left to work on the Kerry campaign. I didn't think it was a good idea, but she says she had fun."

It's great to be back.

A Follow-up: I usually save the "scene from" type commentary - in which I poke mild, yet artistically presented, fun at people I run into in day to day life for the other blog. However, since this scene is in Maritime Law, and I've already done mostly a scene post, it seems a waste not to share a few entertaining bits from someone I've just decided I don't like. He doesn't know who I am and the chances of him googling this up are slim. I don't even know his name. But I've seen him on campus before, so he must be a 2 or 3L. Probably a 2L because he's got that cocky, hey-look-I survived-my-first-year air about him.

He's notable because he wears, and I'm not exaggerating, the same t-shirt everyday. Perhaps he owns several of the same shirt, I don't know, or care - but it says "I'm the Boss" and features a surly duck. Today it's paired with an orange zip hoodie and a flag-motifed bandana.

Though his fashion sense is disconcerting at best, it's his comments thus far that make me want to poke him in the nose.

First, before class starts, he says "Is this anyone's first day in this class." A girl across from me raises her hand. "Well, there's a quiz today," he says, absent any degree of concern and barely masking a slight joy owing either to pure shitty law-student-ism, or the faulty belief that he just made a good funny like a big boy.

Second, when the professor poses a rhetorical question, he answered. This is a prototypical law student move - generally, each section has an "answerer" who can't just let the "was everyone okay with the reading assignment" professorial query escape without answering on all our behalves.

Third, when the professor pauses in his lecture to remind the class that if we ever need him to define any terms particular to the course that we might not know, to just ask him. Terms like dock, buoy, wharf, dolphin, whatever. Surly duck boy snorts at "dolphin" in a manner clearly indicating he thinks the professor has made a hyperbolic funny to empahsize we can ask about any and all terms. The idiot duck boy clearly thinks dolphin = sea mammal known for its intelligence and ability to retrieve explosives for the Navy when the sea lions are otherwise engaged.

He is wrong, however. The professor was refering to another kind of dolphin.

This is confirmed a few minutes later when we reach the case in which the latter form of dolphins are discussed. I check out his face and read the "oh" written in 18pt. font across his face.

Save your unique, off-the-wall dress and poorly executed snark for the MUNI platform, buddy. This is law school - it's about conformity. Deal with it and remain quiet for the remainder of the semester.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christiana,
I'm a new Hastings student who came across your blog while searching for Hastings blogs. I saw the "duck" guy the other day -- funny coincidence. Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know, as if I came across this pretty easily, he or his friends might, too, so you might want to change some identifying info, just in case.

Anonymous said...

perhaps. but then again, he does choose to wear a duck tshirt everyday. and all law students who conform to the worst of law student stereotypes should be notified since I'm sure they'd like to amend things.

Anonymous said...

oh - also - i may attend hastings, but i this is not a hasting blog. in fact, anytime i tread into blawg territory, i try to get back out of it as soon as possible. i seldom post about campus happenings or people. there are plenty of blawgs out there - one more navel gazing law student certainly doesn't help the greater discourse.