Wednesday, July 13, 2005

This Should Do Wonders For The Negotiation Process

Guess who wants in on the redistricting litigation?

I tend to side with the proponents - not necessarily on the substance yet, but on the idea that 77 shouldn't get tossed. Though the continued reference to initiatives as "the will of the people" doesn't win them much favor from this blog.

Legislative leaders Nunez and Perata certainly have an interest in the outcome of this suit, however it remains unclear to me why they should be allowed to - hell, why they should want to - intervene. File an amicus brief, guys, and wait out the storm. It's far from certain on whom this suit's fallout will rain anyway.

It's a dumb gamble - and plays directly into Schwarzenegger's hands. This is a PR guy's dream. Nunez and Perata should've stayed out of it, continued to work on the legislative compromise, and secretly cheered Lockyer on.

I don't see how they win this hand.

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